Rutabaga fries are my absolute favorite kind of fry! Not only are they GAPS Diet friendly, but rutabagas are high in vitamin C, zinc, potassium, and support digestive health as they are high in fiber and also stimulate bile production.

I feel like rutabagas are the forgotten root veggie; they’re incredibly flavorful and work great in various recipes. They are a cross between a turnip and cabbage and almost have a potato-like consistency. Rutabagas also make an amazing substitute for mashed potatoes and taste amazing chopped in stews or diced, fried in butter, and lightly seasoned for a simple side dish.

However, my most favorite way to make rutabagas has to be these delicious fries. I serve them alongside any meal or just eat them plain and lightly seasoned with sea salt. They are also delicious served with a side of homemade sour cream or tossed on top of a nourishing soup. Enjoy!

GAPS Friendly Rutabaga Fries

Makes 3 servings | Prep Time 5 minutes | Cook Time 15 minutes

French fries made using the root vegetable rutabaga. A GAPS Diet alternative to potato fries.


4 -6 medium rutabagas
1/3 cup chicken fat
sea salt


Peel and thinly slice rutabagas into strips.

Heat chicken fat in a skillet until hot and carefully add a handful of fries.

Fry until golden brown, turning every so often to prevent burning.

Remove fries from skillet and let rest on parchment paper.

Continue adding fries to skillet. When complete, drizzle with excess fat from pan and season with sea salt.

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French fries made from the root vegetable rutabaga as an alternative to potato fries. A paleo and primal side dish that is also GAPS diet friendly, SCD legal and AIP friendly. This recipe by @fairygutmother for rutabaga fries uses chicken fat to fry to crispy perfection. Rutabaga fries are a great side dish with chicken or steak. Click to read the recipe on @realfooddiets

This recipe was submitted by Carley Smith from Fairy Gutmother. See the original here.