Time after time, I find that diet plays a much bigger role in body physique than exercise does. Sure, both are vital when it comes to living healthfully. But if you're wanting to look leaner without spending hours in the gym lifting weights or doing cardio, start paying attention to what type of food you are putting into your mouth.

I used to spend at least an hour in the gym 5-6 days/week and would rarely have a rest day, because when I wasn't in the gym, I was running up a mountain. Sure I felt like I was in great shape, but I could never seem to find my abs and muscle definition underneath the extra fat hanging around on my body.

After just 3 short weeks of eating 100% fresh fruits and vegetables, I'm feeling much, much lighter on my feet and pretty proud of my physique. The coolest part is, I can attribute ALL of these results to my healthy diet! I haven't been nearly as active as I used to be since arriving in Hawaii, but in the past couple of days I've been really feeling driven and motivated to move my body again.

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I have learned that taking time to rest and listen to what my body is in need of is incredibly important and HEALTHY. All it took was a few weeks of down time to realize that I truly enjoy moving my body on a daily basis. I have also realized that doing the same type of exercise most days out of the week is totally not what feels natural to me! Creating variety in my exercise is extremely fulfilling, challenging, exciting, and most of all...FUN!

If you were feeling stuck, lazy, or unmotivated prior to reading this, I truly hope that I have inspired you to become more mindful of how you treat your body. By nourishing your body every day with fresh fruit and vegetables, not only will you begin to feel better and function better, but you will begin to look better too!

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