Hello, friends! We're Simon & Rebekah Villeneuve.

Real Food Diets is our food blog. It's got all the right information in one place, making it easy for you to compare diets and decide which is right for you. Plus, fantastic recipes and resources to get you started.

Eating clean is complicated. Lifestyles vary, bodies are different, and it can be confusing knowing which diet is right for you. Additionally, different diets may be needed during different seasons of life such as Raw for detoxification or Paleo for fertility, but we’ve found systems that make it easy. Real Food Diets is a way to share those smart systems with you.

Real food is a journey and you will learn by eating. Count this year as a commitment to trying, exploring, and not giving up. We are passionate about real food, and we want you to be too.


Real Food Recipes

Starting and sustaining a real food diet can be hard. These links will help.